Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can I buy a paper copy?

"Under My Neighbor's Roof" is not available as a paper book. There are many publishers of LDS fiction. But they have length limits for general fiction books. (Historical novels and fantasy novels can be the size of phone books, but general fiction is still limited.) This novel is about twice the maximum length that most LDS publishers will consider. There wasn't a place to split it in half as Volume I and Volume II. Because of the length, I didn't submit it to paper publishers.

Even if I could have gotten the book down to a publishable word count, the structure of the book is too different from a traditional novel. I got the idea for the book from watching LOST. Like LOST, my novel has an ensemble cast of about 15 point-of-view characters instead of being a traditional novel with a main character and a few supporting characters. The book is structured like a TV serial, not like a novel. I wrote episodes and called them chapters.

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