Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Content Rating

"Under My Neighbor's Roof" deals with difficult themes in a delicate way. I kept the writing at a PG level, but deal with PG-13 themes. Some of the storylines address the aftermath of sexual trauma, both the pain and the healing.

There are a couple uses of "damn" and "hell" in the book. There is also a character who makes references to topics that anti-Mormons like to talk about. The topics aren't discussed, but they are mentioned.

I also wrote down some priesthood blessings, as well as prayers and the answers to the prayers. I know some people think that's inappropriate, so consider yourself warned.

I think that's a full confession of my book's sins. I wrote about people who need a Savior, and that means writing about sins, repentance, pain, healing, doubts and faith.

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