Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Praying for Patience

Last night my scolded, crying children went to bed late. Mom blew it. I'd been irritable all day, and it wasn't my children's fault. Bedtime was doomed.

I know how to save bedtime, I just didn't do it last night. When I have an irritating day, I sneak away for a couple minutes and pray, "Heavenly Father, I'm grumpy and I don't want to yell at my children. Please give me the patience I need to put my kids to bed nicely." Patience like a warm blanket wraps around me. I know it's a gift from my Heavenly Father. Then I put children to bed with a hug and a kiss and a bedtime story.

I've heard people say with a laugh, "don't pray for patience; you'll get it!" The thing is, you really do get it. The Lord will give you the patience you lack if you ask him for it. It comes with a hug, and the awe that accompanies the realization that the God who created the universe cares about how you behave when you're putting your kids to bed. Pray for patience. By all means, pray for patience. When your child calls for you to come back because he wants to give you a hug and tell you he loves you, you'll be grateful you prayed for patience.

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