Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Healing Power of Caring

My little boy fell and scraped his leg on the way to kindergarten. He cried. I hugged and kissed him. He agreed to tough it out without a bandaid. At school, he wanted me to tell his teacher that he'd scraped his leg, but didn't need a bandaid. I told her. She expressed sympathy and admired his bravery. All smiles, he went to class. Mom and his teacher cared about his owie, and that made it all better.

Compassion heals. When someone cares enough about you to listen to you, cry with you, and assure you of their love, you feel better. And when someone tells you either by words or actions that they don't care about you or your pain, that hurts and makes the original pain harder to bear.

Christ's compassion heals. He cares about our pain, if we will let ourselves be cared about. Praying about pain, crying during the prayer, and then opening my heart to Christ's compassion has healed wounds that I've carried for years. For many of these wounds, Christ is the first and only person who has cared enough to listen to me. His compassion guided me through the healing process. When the scriptures tell us to "become like a little child," one of the traits we need to reclaim is the ability to let our pain be healed by love.

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